About Us

Ramah Water & Sanitation District is overseen and managed by 5 elected Board members. The Board is comprised of volunteers who live in the community. The Board is working to make improvements in the community. The RW&SD Board holds the members of the community and the services we provide to those community members as a top priority in our monthly meetings, discussions and decision making process.

Our operator has worked for RW&SD for many years. He is a hard working and dedicated employee who is devoted to the community. He checks meters, repairs leaks, installs new meters, tests wells & the sewage treatment plant, repairs roads, and plows snow. He does many other tasks for the Ramah community as well. RW&SD is very fortunate to have him as an employee.

Michele is the secretary/office manager. She is a Marine Corps veteran and is commited to providing excellent customer service, along with performing all of her required duties with integrity and transparency. She is always willing to answer any questions you may have concerning your bill or the services RW&SD provides. Feel free to call or come by during office hours.

We have a few part time employees that work for RW&SD. You might see them mowing in town or picking up your weekly trash or taking in trash at the transfer station.